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Digital Marketing and Communications is Google Partners agency, founded in september 2015. In previous 3 years we had more than 500 advertising campaigns for clients in many different business niches. We provide you a package of services for your Internet appearance, beginning with strategic planning all to the Internet campaign realization. Our agency is based in Europe and we provide services for clients all around the Europe, USA and Middle East.

A package of services we offer:

Online advertising

  • Google Search advertising

  • Display advertising

  • Facebook advertising

  • Instagram advertising

  • Remarketing campaign

  • Youtube & Video advertising

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Viral Marketing

  • Analitics

  • E-mail marketing

  • Mobile marketing


  • Brand and Product communication

  • Reputation management

  • Online PR Crisis

  • Content Marketing

Digital Production

  • Websites

  • Social Media Applications

  • Design and Photography

Google Search advertising
Why Google Search advertising is important?
Daily, we use Google Search in our life and work. We want to get precise, safe and relevant informations. For those reasons, we believe in Google Search.

If your product, service or company don’ t show up on the first page of Google Search, you virtually don’ t exist.

User decides to click on the first three search results, because Google sees them as most relevant.

Digital Marketing & Communications offers you the opportunity to place your business to the top of Google Search with Search Engine Optimization and Paid Google Search Advertising.

Which results we can achieve together?
Google Search advertising brings you option to place your advertisement in precise moment, when people are searching on Google for some product or service. Displaying Ad, just for keywords you choose, brings savings at advertising, and you pay only when potential user come on your website. Sales increase is guaranteed and it’s adequate to your investments in advertising. This type of advertising offers you chance to control your budget and you can precisely measure return on investment.

Why to choose Digital Marketing & Communications?

Our team of specialists in the Internet advertising area is certified by Google, which guarantees you top quality of services that you gain. Together, we want to reach the best results by careful planning and devising campaign, also with permanent joint work in analyzing and improving the results we achieved.

Our goals are concrete, measurable results of your company success!

Display advertising

Google Display advertising is one of the best methods for exposing your brand to the large number of potentially relevant audiences on the Internet. You can submit image, video or text adverts, all of which will appear on websites selected by their contextual relevance or context. By that, you reach relevant audience who is interested in your product or service.

Placement-targeted advertising

Possibility of targeting websites at Google Display Network by keyword, city, language or placement advert on website you choose.

Campaign control costs 

On Google Display Network you set your own budget and choose amount on daily, weekly or monthly level. We can give you information about results that can be reached with your planning budget.

Measurable results

Google advertising system can be integrated with Google Analytics, which allows tracking influence and results of campaign.

Facebook advertising

Over billion users all over the world are sufficient indicator that your company needs to exist on this Social Network.

Yor brand is powerful as much as Fans you have.

A number is not just that, the „number“ . 10, 100, 1000, 1.000.000

All this digits have different values for each of us. We are living in the world where numbers are representing exactness and safeness. Beside the numbers, users who follow your Facebook page need to be segmented which will bring you relevant Fans who are interested in your „business“.

 Pages of our clients count over 2 million Fans on Facebook.  

Instagram advertising

We can proudly say that Digital Marketing & Communications agency is pioneer at Instagram advertising area. We are one of the first agencies which provide this service to clients all over the world. Instagram provides increased awareness of image or video to people who are chosen by your targeted advertising, and potential client comes to your website where he can get all details about your company, brand or service that you’ve been advertised with, just, one click.


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